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All I really need to know I learned in Kindergarten

Sallie and Ilana met in Kindergarten and became best friends. After attending different high schools. they coincidentally chose the same career path as physical therapists. Sallie treated patients hurt at work, while also specializing in orthopedics, and inpatient hospital acute care. Ilana became an industry leader and product creator for children with special needs and currently works with both children and seniors.


Pain can be our greatest teacher
About 5 years ago, Sallie injured her back  in the hospital, after years of lifting and transferring her patients. I had dedicated my career to treating patients who were hurt, and now found myself in an identical situation.  I was frustrated, experiencing physical pain, and I thought my career was over.  How could a physical therapist, be laid off work for an on the job injury--it felt like a double standard.

As I dedicated myself to healing my back injury, I moved on and worked in healthcare administration and then to running an online business, LawMatch. During this time, I knew I would return to helping people feel better, however I wanted to expand my focus.  Instead of treating patients after an injury, I wanted to educate people on how to stay healthy, and how to avoid the injury. I know how it feels to be hurt on the job and to hurt while you’re working. I want employees to know they don’t have to hurt.

Let's create something amazing!

I approached Ilana, with the idea of a wellness company, and Be Well For You was launched.  Ilana brought a plethora of experiences herself. Known as the Idea Therapist, Ilana has a passion for creativity, is a seasoned blogger, and is sought after for her video presentation skills. I believe every individual has the fundamental right to function at their highest potential possible. What a great opportunity to now help those who are currently in pain and to promote wellness before pain even strikes.

Feel Better.  Work Better.

We are more than just a wellness company. We create conversations. We motivate people to feel energized and be at their best while they work. We can bring this to every company and every employee. We know the work-life relationship is difficult to separate. We work to live, however we spend over half of our waking hours at work.  What kind of life are we creating, if we dread every Monday morning?


Why wait for the weekend to feel good ? 

We will teach you simple, real life changes you can make to your work day that will make big differences in how you feel physically and emotionally. We provide education, consultations, and presentations  on wellness and pain prevention.  We teach companies and their employees increase productivity from an area of expertise and personal understanding. Our mission is to empower individuals to thrive at work, home, and play.  We are going to achieve this...one company at a time.